Date : 27-09-2015
Day : Sunday
Time : 10am-1pm
Venue : IPG, Penang
Special Guest : 1.Dato’ Anbalagan (USM Senior Lecturer)

Tamil Foundation has developed and run IMPAK program for parents of Tamil schools in Malaysia to expand awareness of the importance of their contribution to the educational development of children and empower parents to help their children of education.
Parents are children’s first teachers and even their home is the first school. Studies show that a lack of attention from parents can be detrimental to the holistic development of their children. Hope fully on the teacher for excellence child is unreasonable.
Hence, IMPAK enables parents gain knowledge and learn coping strategies as well as academic and personal development of their children. IMPAK plays major role to convince parents that they take part in an important role in the betterment of their children.
The certificate presentation ceremony is the upshot of the IMPAK program attained their objective in each state correspondingly. Thus, this time the certificate presentation ceremony for the Penang state which approximately 64 number of parents were participated.