Date: 14-12-2015

Media: China Press...

chinna pressSix after graduation, even though we in addition there are other options than the junior high school, but according to statistics of the Ministry of Education, students who enroll in junior high school, or the majority, as in 2014 accounted for 90.10%.

China Light niche in the face of change when studies are not necessarily easier, adapt to the new medium of instruction, with more interactive elements around, for them, not without pressure. In order to help students more easily integrate into the new high school environment, Tamil Foundation planned 21-day Total Empowerment Camp (full empowerment camp, hereinafter referred to as TEC). School holidays, Vivekananda Tamil primary schools (SJKT Vivekananda) campus is quiet, only occasionally heard the sound of the street, small insects disturb bushes.

About eleven o’clock, did not hear the bell rang, the students lined up in single file out of the classroom there, walking to the cafeteria direction. They did not wear uniforms, the body of Sari, T-shirts and bright colorful than the rainbow also, just to bring this 12-year-old age.

After queuing took the dessert before gigs, some of them chatting, some spread out operations of this on the table, a few people discussing, presenting a rosy learning landscape. When everyone at the table to locate, they began chanting scriptures, and after only eating.

This day is the first year of the TEC 17 days, another four days they were closed down, do this for up to 21 days of “reform.”

china press1TEC was initiated in 2003, this year has entered the first 13 years. Academic studies Tamil Foundation found that many light niche after entering junior high school, it is difficult to adapt to the medium of instruction conversion, it is difficult to use the Malay or English to communicate with the Friends of the family friend, cause learning frustration, further learning progress behind, so this will be the establishment of TEC, hope the 21-day camp can help students learn more easily integrate into school life.

Learning to do in high school to prepare liter

2014, TEC had only focused on improving English skills, but in 2014, this target has been revised to enhance the country’s bilingual capacity. Vivekananda TEC Center is responsible for teacher Logeswaran representation, TEC exercises used in the present, in addition to the country in English, but also includes a basic knowledge of history, geography and science.

During camp, the students had to stay the school, the family can come to visit only on Sundays. Learning time, Monday to Friday, Saturday will be some place for outdoor learning, such as visiting the zoo, museums and the like.

In Malay classroom, 17 students were divided into three groups, led by the two teachers. Lalithaa teacher asked, “Who can tell me what school lab?” The reaction has been enthusiastic students, one by one raised hand. Although they could not answer some very smooth, but could see a high willingness to learn, hard to brains, with their own teacher will answer questions Malay.

In another classroom, Parimaladevi (Pa Lima La obtain Wei) teachers play a Malay movie, require students to organize video content into English, and then to speak in front of everyone.Students look different, some frown, some is relaxed, but very seriously the mandate given to the completion of the teacher.

Young teacher teaching beam pick

Vivekananda in five TEC teacher, the average age of no more than 23 years old, the youngest only 18 years old Lalithaa teacher, the other two older longest teacher, but also 27 years old.

Tamil intentions of co-ordination TEC Foundation program, teachers are the principal teacher or teacher training students, and before the start of the TEC are required to receive training. Although this will be paid teaching allowance, but teachers are not quite sure how much allowance, “That’s not what we care about,” Parimaladevi teacher said.

Already busy teaching, teacher training students is not easy, so they are willing to sacrifice anything 21 days holiday, to school when compulsory education teacher?

“Because we came to be so,” Shevany teacher said. They almost have had such experiences – primary school days, students are Indians, Indians teacher, janitor Indians, even the cafeteria of hawkers also Indians, go where we say are Tamil, living under the same culture.Results nationals when entering high school, like the world suddenly changed, individual small world followed the shaking of the ground, to keep up with schoolwork, hiding behind the crowd did not dare to come out, take a great effort, only safely through. Because tasted one taste, they just want to be able to at this critical period, to the next generation of different chips, hoping to repeat their past students are no longer on the road.

TEC has been for 13 years, along the way the outcome is good, 2014 TEC eligible to participate in 13 primary schools, this year expanded by nearly half, there are 25 primary school participation; the number of students has increased by 39.24 percent, from 423 to $ 589.

The official also quite agree with this plan, TEC program executive Mathan Raj pointed out that a special unit under the Prime Minister’s Department SEDIC (Socioeconomic Development of Indian Community, the Indian ethnic community by the organization) funding for this program, this entire plan is expected to cost 300,000, comprising teachers allowances, student accommodation, teaching materials fees, students do not pay a penny completely.

Obstacles on consultation and implementation, Mathan said, because program recognized by the Government, so there is no problem on the implementation of, and sometimes parents need to address concerns, because the child must be 21 days away from home, they do not trust.The other is pale good small devices, such as a lack of computers, projectors, toilet, have an impact on the overall quality program.

Independence and self-confidence are growing

Hermon in Malay Six certification examination subjects took a D, etc., then enrolled in the the TEC. He enraptured with fluent English to share their feelings: “(TEC carried out) in front of twelve days do not like, but after very happy, very interesting course, I really enjoyed speaking English and Malay, and can fluently. ”

Another classmate Mugilan also have the same feeling: “I feel good boring in front of twelve days, I cried, but later it gradually became happy, and the courage to express their views in front of people in different languages in addition, but also how to write an essay Malay.”

“After a few days, I think I became very independent, English and Malay are also a lot of progress. They had not so difficult to do,” Abbeyraamee said.

“In the beginning will miss his family, but started to feel like home here. I learned own laundry, independent life, which I have not before, but also dared to speak the Malay,” Kausalyya said.

Students feedback that we find the original honed this time, they receive not only on the progress of the language, some invisible force slowly forming in their hearts, such as independence and self-confidence that one day they would hold up a piece day.

Little Information About Tamil Foundation

July 14, 1990, a group of professionals gathered together to assist specific Selangor Tamil primary target zone, February 14, 2003 formally incorporated Tamil Foundation, the goal is to enhance education through the Tamil ethnic group.

According to the plan for the 2014 annual report, the foundation of pluralism, for students, parents, teachers, principals, board of directors, the general public, each with different programs and activities, which have also agreed to aim to the target of the Foundation.

They work closely with the Parent-Teacher Association, the principal council, schools and other educational institutions, the Board of Directors, with good Chinese community director general, Linlian Yu Foundation, Malaysian Action Plan (GBM, Gabungan Bertindak Malaysia), etc., but also the relationship of cooperation partner.