Centre of Leadership and Management for Tamil Schools (CLMTS)


This project was initiated in 2003 by Tamil Foundation Malaysia seeking to improve the performance of Tamil Schools in Malaysia.

Leadership is a very essential component for all the school board members, headmasters, parents and teachers association members, parents and even for children aspiring to be an outstanding individual in our community. Proper leadership quality will lead a community towards a better future. Thus, Tamil Foundation Malaysia planned to come up with a module which would give an opportunity to gain some important knowledge of leadership skills to those in the community working closely with Tamil Schools.

As an initial step, Tamil Foundation carried out a programme of training for Headmasters and Senior Assistant Teachers to enable them to make Tamil schools high performing schools. This project was initiated in 2013 in collaboration with Malaysian Tamil School Headmasters Council (Persatuan Guru Besar SJKT Malaysia) and Action Plan for the future of Tamil Schools (PelanTindakanMasaDepanSekolah Tamil – PTST). As this project had proven to be a success since2013, Tamil Foundation Malaysia has planned as the next step to provide leadership training for Parents and Teachers Association members (PTA), School Board members and teachers and parents of selected Tamil Schools.

Goal and Objective of Leadership Training

Participants will leave the programme with fresh perspectives and tangible action plans for taking charge and providing inspiring leadership for the benefits of a well-developed society. Specifically, they will be better prepared to:

  • Understand, recognize, and foster the right leadership qualities and confidence in themselves and others,for the purpose of developing our community
  • Lead effectively through situations involving conflict
  • Understand good leadership behaviours as to lead others by example
  • Learn the difference between leadership and management
  • Learn about commitment towards community and how to move things forward
  • Empower, motivate and inspire others



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