Date: 11 & 12 March 2016 (Sat &Sun)

Place: Tamil Foundation Office

Description: Tamil Foundation Malaysia again conducted Training of Trainers’ program where...

Date : 11 & 12 March 2016 (Sat &Sun)
Time : 10a.m-7.30p.m & 8.30a.m-2.00p.m
Venue : Tamil Foundation Office

TOT’s objectives
1. A brief overview about SEDIC
2. Provide training for new facilitators on how to conduct classes.
3. Briefed on how to control and collect data.
4. Shed light on the role as an agent of transformation of society (parents)

Tamil Foundation Malaysia again conducted Training of Trainers’ program where training new IMPAK trainers who will conduct the classes for central zone. Train-the-trainer sessions typically prepare instructors to present information effectively, respond to participant questions and lead activities that reinforce learning. They also direct participants to supplementary resources and reference materials. Instructors learn to lead discussions, listen effectively, make accurate observations and help participants to link training to their jobs. They learn to maintain eye contact, maintain a positive attitude, speak in a clear voice, gesture appropriately, and maintain interest and dispel confusion. In the train-the-trainer model, a new instructor typically gets to watch an experienced instructor teach, complete the exercises himself and then practice teaching segments to other participants.