Date: Date: 27 – 28 November 2016 ( Sunday & Monday )

Description:  Training of Trainers’ for T.E.C session 2016

Date: 27 – 28 November 2016 ( Sunday & Monday )

Place: Brickfields Asia College ( Brickfields Campus )


            Tamil Foundation again this year had conducted the Training of Training session for both new and T.E.C experienced trainee teachers from different teachers training institutes. This session was to train on some new establishments and to prepare the trainees mentally with new ideas to take on the Total Empowerment Camp which will be commencing in selected states around the nation. The slots were designed to prepare trainees to present information accurately, respond quickly to arsing complications wisely and critically on how to create a happy environment classroom and while at the same time empower the students to communicate using BM and English without any shyness. In this Training of Trainers session too, the junior trainees were also guided by the senior trainees based on their experience.